Konzert zum Wohle von Natur und Umwelt, 16. Oktober 2019, Bellapais Abbey

13.10.2019 – Akincilar / Louricina Festival

VI. Internationales mediterranes Terrakotta-Symposium, Aya Irini, 08.-18. Oktober 2019

18. Oliven Fest in Zeytinlik 4.-8. Oktober 2019

17. Internationales Nord Zypern Musik Festival Bellapais

02.09.-03.10.2019 – 17. Kibris Tiyatro Festivali

We are back!

After a long time of slackery we are finally back!

It all started with the trouble with our webhoster. They informed me, that they are going to shut down old databases and also old script versions.
I was in a big rush, because they didn’t mention when and so i tried many times to save and restore our photo gallery into a new and up-to-date database. Since i couldn’t make it, i started setting up a whole new gallery and also upload all the photos again, until i finally figured the database bug out. I re-installed another whole new gallery and updated it to the latest versions, so that it was possible to run it on latest php versions.
It took me some time and nerves but i made it to add the old database content to the new gallery and it was running perfectly and stable!
Due to the changes of script versions and so on, our websites startet also to make php errors.
I started working on the german site, but i became pretty fed up quickly, because i also had to do the same work over and over again on all the other pages.
After a chat with a friend i decided to give our old blog a new try and i tought about runing it not only as blog, i wanted to add some static sites we had on our websites.
Blog was running fine and after a short while i was familiar with wordpress again. After just a few hours our NEW website was actually ready to launch!

At this time, we didn’t make it puplic, because we are still updating our content. Once it’s all done, all our domains will be forwarded to the Blog.

Thanks for your patience!

Chris / Team Kuzey-Kibris.de

Frohe Weihnachten / Merry Christmas

„Alashia Yeniden Doğuyor“ / „Alashia Reborn“ / „Alashia ist wiedergeboren“

Çok güzel ve bilgilendirici bir film (Türkçe olarak):

Ein sehr schöner und informativer Film (in türkischer Sprache):

A very nice and informative film (in Turkish):


Youtube: https://youtu.be/VerNV2pZIck
Vimeo HD: https://vimeo.com/224608869

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